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How It Works

Bring in your jewelry, guns, tools, electronics, or other valuable items.  Leave them with us and receive cash immediately in the form of a loan. The items you leave with us are safely placed in our bonded and insured storage and are not viewable or available to the public. There are no credit checks. All loans are 60 days in length, and may be extended by paying a finance charge. We are regulated and audited by the State of Oregon's Division of Finance and Corporate Securities so you can feel confident your items are held properly. 
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What is a Pawn Shop?

Cash Connection has redefined what it means to be a Pawn Shop.   We have customer friendly, well lit, and clean stores.  Cash Connection is proud to provide to you with pawn loans on your items of value as well as giving you unbeatable deals on high value, hard to find merchandise.  At the Cash Connection we: LOAN -BUY - SELL & TRADE

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About Us

Cash Connection pawn shops have been family owned for over 25 years.  Formerly Gordon’s Pawn, our Central Point location has a long history of community support and involvement.  Cash Connection pawn shops serve communities in Central Point, Grants Pass, Redmond and Bend. 

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